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GP Sports E-Bike Advantage

We Are Your Specialized Turbo E-Bike Experts

We only sell and service Specialized Turbo E-Bikes, so we know all of the ins and outs of each model extremely well. We’ve dedicated our entire showroom to Specialized electric bikes, simply because they lead in the electric bike industry with their groundbreaking, high quality bicycles.

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Full Service E-Bike Center with the Fastest Service Turnaround in Town

We pride ourselves on being a full eBike service center, and we have not one but two mechanics on staff who are Bosch certified. We keep extra batteries and motors for Specialized Turbo E-Bikes in stock, which isn’t a common practice for the average bike shop. Because of this we can fix the eBikes quickly because we have the necessary parts in-stock. By limiting our service to Specialized E-Bikes only, our turnaround times are generally only 1-3 days.

E-Bike Service

Our Motorcycle Roots

Long before e-bikes were around, we were getting our start in the motorcycle business. Now, with our motorcycles business alive and thriving, we’ve branched out to electric bikes. Our mechanics were already well versed in working on motorsports vehicles, and we’ve found that having that in depth understanding of mechanical systems has been extremely valuable when it comes to fully understanding, adjusting and maintenancing e-bikes. That understanding sets us apart from your average bike shop.

Try Before You Buy

We want you to try out all of your options before you make your final decision. Take our test bikes out for a demo ride in our parking lot, or rent a bike for the day. We have seven bikes available to demo, including a full size run of the Specialized Levo and Specialized Levo SL. The price to rent a bike for two days is $300, and we apply that fee to the price of your new bike as long as it is purchased within a year of your test ride.

We Go the Extra Mile to Get You Set Up Perfectly

Every new bike purchased at GP Sports comes with a customized fit, including suspension set up, maintenance, and adjustments. Beyond that, we take the time to walk you through the Specialized app. It’s important to us that you register your new bike and that you fully understand and are well versed in using the bike’s electronic components. This is an important step in the bike buying process at GP Sports, but it is not something that is available, much less free, at most bike shops. 

Free Service Within the First Year

Enjoy a free tune-up (worth $150 ) within the first year of buying your new bike. Most shops offer a free tune-up within the first 60-90 days, but our Specialized e-bikes are made of the high quality materials and are well built by experienced professionals. This is why we feel confident extending our free service offer to one full year after purchase. 

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