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We Are Your Specialized Bike & E-Bike Experts

GP Sports only sells and services Specialized Turbo E-Bikes as well as analog bikes, so we know all of the ins and outs of each model extremely well. We’ve dedicated our entire showroom to Specialized bikes & E-Bikes, simply because they lead in the electric bike industry with their groundbreaking, high quality bicycles. Learn more about what makes us unique, and visit us today to meet our friendly staff and experience our excellent service.

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Full Service Bike Repair

We pride ourselves on being a full analog & electric bike service center with two Bosch certified mechanics on staff. GP Sports also stocks extra batteries and motors for Specialized Turbo E-Bikes to fix them quickly. We also try to keep our turnaround times within 1-3 days.

We Go the Extra Mile

Every new bike purchased at GP Sports comes with a customized fit, including suspension set up, maintenance, and adjustments. Beyond that, we take the time to walk you through the Specialized app. It’s important to us that you register your new bike and that you fully understand and are well versed in using the bike’s electronic components. This is an important step in the bike buying process at GP Sports.

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